“Our plan aims to meet our future challenges head on, and involving our community is key to its success. Together we can build a thriving, fair and resilient city and tackle critical issues like climate change, population growth and growing inequality.”

Goal 1:

A sustainable city

We will be leaders in creating a sustainable city through local innovation projects that address climate change.

Goal 2:

Opportunities to live well

We will improve the wellbeing of people in our community by providing opportunities for them to live their lives well.

Goal 3:

A liveable city

We will ensure our planning system facilitates high quality and sustainable development that extracts social, environmental and economic benefits for our community.

Goal 4:

A strong economy

We will support and attract a diversity of local businesses and industries by fostering an environment in which they can thrive.

Goal 5:

Involving our diverse community

We will lead on equity and recognise our diverse community as our greatest asset for solving future challenges.

Goal 6:

A well governed Council

We will be a leading, modern, and open council to meet our challenges, now and in the future.

A plan for a changing world

Darebin is changing as Melbourne’s population grows. Inner suburbs are becoming highly sought after places to live because of good transport, amenity and access to employment.

Increasing density is bringing new vibrancy to Darebin: boosting our economy and attracting new services and facilities. But change is also creating challenges. Over the next four years we will face:

A Council for the future

Our Council provides high quality services and maintains amenity while balancing the budget with decreasing funds.

The world is changing fast and we can no longer rely on the old ways of making savings and efficiencies. A new direction is needed.

To make smarter decisions we will need to:
Know the issues facing our community

We will use research and evidence to understand the local, national and global forces impacting on our community to ensure we are agile and adaptable

Work in partnership with others to provide more with less

We will work with others to find new ways of doing things to provide more service with less

Use technology to transform our city

New technology – such as sensors that tell us when to water green spaces or turn lighting off and on, or eventually car sharing driverless vehicles that reduce our need for car parking – will help us solve some of our biggest issues

Involve our community and support their actions to address challenges

Our communities are creating solutions to our challenges themselves. Supporting them builds civic participation. Working alongside them ensures our policies are in line with what the community wants

Be courageous leaders

We can only meet the future with a vision, not only for our area, but the whole city. We will be courageous in shaping Melbourne to meet environmental, housing and congestion challenges